Now Brands Can Promote their Chatbots with Facebook Ads

As per the new update Facebook is further integrating chatbots into the platform.

Brands can now buy News Feed Ads that directly links to one-to-one conversations in messenger, making conversations easier. Advertisers for the first time can target their users before bringing them to one-on-one conversation that has a strong identity.

One of the first brand to test the new ad options is Burberry. They designed their own automated chatbot specifically for Holidays. The bot offers brand storytelling with automated gift recommendation engine making it a helpful assistant.


If Burberry’s customers has questions they can also chat with humans on the other end. Facebook’s VP of messaging David Marcus said the hybrid approach of interactions with both Human and Chatbots is the best combination.

Marcus said that Facebook is possibly trying to replace Email by using chatbots for some situations but not for everything. Marcus further quoted “Email is good at a bunch of different things and I think it will remain good for those things, but interacting with companies on email is really bad. Most emails you receive from companies come from a “no reply @.” I mean, how can these brands send me messages but I can’t send them messages? That’s messed up”