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Clients Profile

Chicago’s premier tabletop store

Influenced by the legacy of artisans from around the world, Tabula Tua is known for its ability to bring out each individual’s distinct personality by encouraging clients to mix and match textures, colors and patterns to create their own unique style of entertaining. In addition to tableware, Tabula Tua carries a wide selection of carefully selected home furnishings ranging from furniture and rugs, to lamps, chandeliers and other home accents.

The Challenge

Gain market share, traffic and results

Within first month of availing services of InstaServ, Tabulatua gained consistent improvement in SERP. After gaining good rankings, Tabulatua stopped SEO of their website. They later tried other services like Rocket Pilots, but soon they approached us again after realising that SEO was actually giving them visitors.

They failed to understand first time that they do not own their rankings on search engines and traffic that comes from it. Everything is fluid and dramatically changing. If they do not defend past results, other businesses (competitors) will steal their traffic, sales and market shares.

Second time our biggest challenge was not only to give them even better results than before but maintaining and improving upon old results also.

Our Solution

Refine, Implement and Maintain

As the competition is stiff and getting fiercer day by day, InstaServ made a def-of(defensive – offensive) strategy to improve and maintain the rankings of the Website.

SEO strategies and Google’s algorithm are changing constantly. So, we refined our techniques to improve Tabulatua’s rankings.


Rankings like never before!

  • 60% increase in orders
  • 47% increase in Revenue
  • 49% increase in organic visitors within first 3 months.

Sample list of keywords which are on first page (searched on

  • europe 2 you
  • match pewter
  • catstudio pillow