Success Story

Revolutionize Indian Phone Cases Market

By reaching custom audience, the online Indian Case retailers created a highly apposite campaign that not only delivered return on ad spend by 7X but also increased their Brand Awareness in Online Shoppers.


increase in brand awareness


increase in user engagement


return on ad spend

Their Story

Keeping Phone with Care

Saleofy is an online mobile accessories destination serving people across India. It has more than 1000 options for over 100 models. Brand aims to provide best ever cases to their customers with excellent customer service.

Their Goal

Increasing Brand Awareness & User Engagement

To increase their Brand awareness & User engagement Saleofy wanted to show most relevant products to their customers and reach the relevant audience.

“Combining our own knowledge with Facebook’s retargeting tools and Custom Audiences, we built a fully customized sales funnel, taking people from brand awareness to sales conversion, which helped us reduce our acquisition costs significantly.”


Their Solution

Promote content to the right people

Saleofy ran Carousel ads and photo ads to showcase products while driving people to its website from mobile and desktop News Feed.

The brand used Facebook’s advanced targeting tools to reach the right people. Using Custom Audiences, Saleofy excluded its existing customers so it could focus messaging on acquiring new customers. Saleofy also created a Custom Audience from its website visitors, and used that data for retargeting those customers who did not complete their transaction.

Products used

Desktop News Feed
Mobile News Feed
Conversion Tracking
Custom Audiences
Lookalike Audiences


Raise Brand Awareness
Drive Online Sales

Their Success

A successful online store

By increasing brand awareness by targeting custom audience Saleofy increased its online sales and achieved a dramatically better return on ad spend than with its previous ad campaigns.
During Campaign, it achieved:

  • 93% increase in brand awareness
  • 97% increase in user engagement
  • 7X return on ad spend