Success Story

A coherent way to win business

By targeting custom audience, the online Egyptian fashion retailer created a highly pertinent campaign that increased brand awareness and delivered 3X return on ad spend.


increase in brand awareness


increase in user engagement


return on ad spend

Their Story

Made to order

Bespoke Egypt is an online fashion destination regaling to the fashion savvy across Egypt. Brand aims to please their customers by offering unique garments that inspire creativity and experimentation so that your style can reflect the real you.

Their Goal

Increasing user engagement

To continue growing user engagement and increase its return on ad spend, Bespoke Egypt wanted to show most relevant products to its target audience.

“Facebook’s website Custom Audiences have enabled us to target our customers and address their needs, by recommending a piece of clothing or a product that is tailored to each user’s individual interests. We look forward to continuing to push the limits by combining Facebook’s technology with our own data to better serve the right message to the right user at the right time.”

Bespoke Egypt

Their Solution

Promote content to the right people

Bespoke Egypt ran link ads and photo ads to showcase products while driving people to its website from mobile and desktop News Feed.

The brand used Facebook’s advanced targeting tools to reach the right people. Using Custom Audiences, Bespoke Egypt excluded its existing customers so it could focus messaging on acquiring new customers. Bespoke Egypt also created a Custom Audience from its website visitors, and used that data for retargeting those customers who did not complete their transaction.

Products used

Desktop News Feed
Mobile News Feed
Conversion Tracking
Custom Audiences
Lookalike Audiences


Raise Brand Awareness
Drive Online Sales

Their Success

A successful ensemble

By increasing brand awareness by targeting custom audience Bespoke Egypt boosted its online sales and achieved a dramatically better return on ad spend than with its previous ad campaigns.
During Campaign, it achieved:

  • 55% increase in brand awareness
  • 50% increase in user engagement
  • 3X return on ad spend