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We have all seen the recent demise of high street shops, yet in difficult times online shops are thriving. Buying on the internet gives the consumer discounts that they cannot get in the high street and so is becoming more and more popular every year. Ecommerce websites also give the seller the opportunity to service a wider audience than they would on a high street. We see this as a win win situation.

However, as more people use the internet to buy the competition is becoming fierce. This means it is important to have professional ecommerce website design similar to this Web Design Malaysia to help you stand out from the crowd. It is important to grab the attention of the consumer and convince them you are the one to buy from, that is how we can help you and luckily there are a lot different tools out of there to help you if you are interested in them, for example something like an invoice template could be a helpful too. There are many ecommerce tech trends we would love to inform you about as well as implement for your online business.

What InstaServ can offer you?

InstaServ E-Commerce Website Designs Solutions

  • Completely bespoke design – we do not use any templates and once we know what you are looking for will use a graphic designer to give you more than one option for the look and feel of your ecommerce website.

  • bespoke basket and checkout created to your specifications using the payment method of your choice.

  • Custom built content management system to give you complete control over your products and the ability to update your site easily from any location.

  • Logo Design – We will work with you to create the perfect logo that can be used for all your marketing materials.

  • Bespoke Functionality – whether you have specific requirements for delivery, multi currency or anything else that makes you different we have the ability to create it for you.

  • Flash Design – Do you want to incorporate movement into your site? We can add those finishing touches that can only be done in Flash to give you a special website.

  • Website Optimisation – all of our ecommerce websites are created with search engines in mind. This will help to make your ongoing SEO campaign easier.

  • Images Provided – if you need images for your website we can either provide them from stock images or arrange for professional photography of your products for you.

  • Personal Service – we aim to listen to your requirements and deliver exactly what you want. You will also have access to a dedicated representative that will be able to help you with any technical questions you have. We aim to answer all client questions within 24 hours, even after your website project is complete.