Albert Einstein once said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

A business owner, of course an established one, will not differ with the above quoted by a great personality that ever walked the Earth. Criticism plays an important role in any sphere of life as you know it, but when it is stretched with the sole intention to cause harm or put one’s business in a chaotic situation, then the reputation is at stake. It’s easy for one to take shot in the dark trying to ruin the online reputation a business owner has striven for in past years, but the business owner should be vigilant enough to make sure that nothing goes wrong that could seem damaging to their online reputation in near future.

A smart and result-oriented businessman is what you’ve been since the day your company came to its life. Making it to the top leaving all your competitors far behind in the business world is what you excel at, but don’t you allow this achievement get to your head? This is because that there are several critiques hiding out there waiting to lay a path of hindrance in your road to success.

From complaining articles to false blogs and old news, you cannot escape from people who seem envious seeing their rivals scale heights of success. Well you wish if you had not been a part of cut-throat competition, you would never realize your true potential. That’s said and done! But you need to keep an eye on your online reputation every now and then, because you never know, bad press in the world must be planning against your online reputation just to wipe it off from the business world out there.

Personal reputation plays an important role in your life and there’s no second thought about the same. Your online reputation is more important now than you ever realized before. From getting that first date when you were appraised for efforts made to pocketing a handsome increment followed by promotion, you’ll know that there is a species of people making judgments about your life affecting it negatively.

Reputation must be controlled before it takes control over you

Your online reputation is important and you can either make or break depending on how you deal with criticisms people have been spreading about you. Anyone can Google your name and find about you, as cliché it may sound. Everyone has an online profile nowadays. Therefore, it’s a must to control your online reputation before it controls you. The bigger the reputation, the bigger the chances for people to get a wrong idea about you. Whether it’s positive or negative, no review gets deleted on the Internet. If a negative review is deleted one website, it must have been published on several websites.

Keep you personal data secure

The web is seen more like a gold mine by identity thieves. So we keep an eye on the activities on the Internet and remove sensitive data which could be accessed by public and thus limit your exposure. We protect your personal data.

Remove misleading search results can help you save and maintain your online reputation for long because we have an idea regarding how search engines work. We will keep you away from all those negative reviews people may hold about you that can bring you down drastically.

Negative contents like

  • Outdated stories
  • Compromising pictures
  • Misleading news articles
  • Deceptive social media posts

are worked upon by us letting you keep online reputation intact.

Be forgotten

Think you have the right to be forgotten? Of course yes! A request to search engines will remove information about you which could affect your privacy.