Cloud Based Inventory Management System

InstaServ is proud to bring to you, our cloud based inventory managements software which keeps data secure with multiple login options. The cloud based system comes with its own added advantages like no software is installed on user’s computer, one just needs an active internet connection to synchronize all the data.
Our Inventory Management system can be used by Small, Medium or Large Organizations and the system is scalable in nature. In case any customizations are required, one can customize the same as per the company’s requirements. The system also comes with Check in / Check Out/ Multiple Items selection / Back ups etc.

Inventory Management Features

For detailed information on our Inventory Management features please have a look below and contact us for a custom quote

  • Keep your data secure on the cloud with the most advanced secure login system.

  • Home Screen – View all your items, in the stock items, or checked out items in one place.

  • New item check in screen – Update your inventory every time you add a new item in your stock.

  • Item checkout screen – Checkout items from inventory as you sell them or lend it to someone for testing purposes.

  • Multiple item checkout screen – Choose options to check out items from inventory – single or multiple, suits all kinds of needs.

  • Checkout confirmation screen – Avoid accidental checkout of items. Confirm every checkout process before the item gets checked out.

  • Item checked out the screen – Once checked out, print the details of the checked out items with just a click. Print out multiple copies for yourself and the customer as a proof of checkout.

  • Manage items screen – Changing the location of items in the stock, or just changing your distributor/ catalogue? Manage your items whenever you want. Be it a single item or multiple items.

  • Search item screen – Need to search items in your stock? You can search for the items in the stock based on color, size, code or catalogue.

  • Backup screen – We all know how important it is to take backups of the stock /inventory. Back up your inventory in excel format with just a click.

  • Manage your complete inventory on the go – Responsive feature of the web applications lets you manage your inventory from almost any device – be it a mobile, tablet, laptops or wide screen desktops. The application will look perfect on all screen size

  • Want Co ordination from multiple people to manage inventory? We got your back. As a cloud based application, you can manage your inventory from about anywhere in the world. All you need is just a internet connection. No need to sit on your desktop to manage your inventory.