A data feed is a file which is made up of a list of products and contains all the product information. You must ensure that you choose a format which will meet your needs as a merchant in the best possible manner. The file can be created in many different formats (.txt, .csv) or .xml. Without having a data feed in the right format, you will not be able to promote your products on Google shopping or other search engines.

As per your convenience, you can provide access to the data feed in the following ways:

When your data feed is hosted on the URL, it will let the analyst to update your data feed without his intervention needed daily. It will ensure that the correct and up to date information is available.
Your data feed is simply exported in a bordered format from your Shopping Cart. In this case, your analyst will be requiring the access to the backend of your site where he can download the data feed manually. There is another option to have the feed exported to an FTP folder where the analyst can drag the data from.
The last option which you would consider in rare cases is to send your data feed to your analyst via email. But this will not bring any success to you.

You will require some tactics and skills for doing this. Consider taking relevant search queries which you want your product to show up for and put in these queries in the product title and product description so that it creates logic. As per Google guidelines, you are entitled to use 150 characters in your product title. You can use this space for various search queries.
However, each engine has its own specific guidelines.

You will require a separate feed that has all the prices updated for the country’s currency you want to list your product in. You will also need a domain for the country your product listings are pointing towards. For example, you cannot send UK users to a page which already has a US Dollar price.
This is standard across all the shopping engines

We make sure that Google shopping (and all CSE’s) are handled by managing bids on the product or product group level, and not on the level of the keyword. We are directing traffic to individual product pages and not category pages.

You must keep two important things in mind in order to achieve success on Goggle Shopping. First off, ensure that your product data meets the editorial guidelines as set forth by Google. Secondly, the next thing which is crucial is to make sure that your product data is honest, precise and complete. Know that tricks and unexciting information repeatedly used are not going to work out for you. You must emphasize on unique and complete product descriptions if you want to be successful on Google Shopping. The complete and accurate data like proper model numbers, colors, sizes, UPC codes etc will do wonders for you as they will attract the quality traffic to your products.

Your data feed will be live for 30 days with effect from the day it is uploaded. But you have to make sure that youre-upload the data at least once in every 30 days, even if you have not made any changes in the data.

In order to get your data feed to Google, you will require a Google AdWords Account and a Google Merchant Center. You don’t have to create separate logins for both accounts, as they can use the same login information. Once the necessary changes have been made and upgrades to the feeds by your analyst, he will help you in uploading your data feed to Google. The analyst will also make sure that your data meets the data feed specifications as required by Google.

Other Channels have a similar process and hence the streamlining is undertaken by our team.

Absolutely! You can go Google Shopping for as long as your data feed file is up to date. If required, your analyst can upload your data feed on Google on a daily basis. It would be feasible if you get your data feed to be uploaded daily.

If there is incorrect for any product(s), that product will be disapproved for the time being. And if there are multiple issues related to your product(s), your entire data feed will be temporarily suspended. All the product disapproval and other suspensions can be resolved quickly and you can get your data reapproved.

Your analyst will need access to your Google AdWords account, Google Merchant Center, and right to use your data feed. Similarly other channels access will be required in order to begin.

Our team is comfortable working with any shopping cart. What we need is the analyst being given user permissions to access the data feed. Another option is to plan an export from your shopping cart to the FTP folder.

Google Shopping really proves beneficial due to the fact that it attracts a lot of traffic to product pages directly in preference to general categories. And it lets you know which of your products are driving more audience towards them. Moreover, you can take care of your budget. Google Shopping is used to increase total sales and not just reduce text ad sales, as some doubters perhaps have pointed out.

You should rather ask who cannot sell on Google. Those dealing with vehicles, ammunition, knives (not multi tools necessarily), paintball guns (not equipment), tobacco/cigarettes, gambling products, or those products which require a software purchase are disallowed.Some Shopping Engines do not allow few categories of products and we will let you know well in advance as to which products can be advertised and which cannot.

Products are ranked on the basis of product bids and considering the input from the Google Shopping algorithm, which extracts the information from your data feed so that it can match the products to the relevant user searches. This is the reason why your data has to be accurate and honest if you want your data feed to perform better. Same goes for other shopping engines as well