The factors on which Mobile Optimized Sites are based on

Prioritize Mobile Searches with Mobile SEO

In the digital marketing business, it is not wrong to say that mobile is a booming field. In fact, mobile searches are so deafening as compared to all other industries which are directly or indirectly associated with mobile search. The increasing use of the smartphones device plays an integral part in search marketing, and getting it right, is essential to the success of the campaign. Google is aiming to provide clients with the best search results and experience, and there are no exclusion for tablet and mobile versions. Because of an unfaltering usage of these mobile devices, Google has presented best practice rules and is gradually acquainting great ranking factors to reward optimized well mobile sites.

One in every four searches occurs on mobile, with 50 % of mobile searchers utilizing their device for the searching process and 88 % utilizing mobile devices to lead local searches (As Per Google Data). As the usage of the mobile is growing, advertisers need to be smart enough to improve their mobile site by doing the correct Mobile SEO.

What is meant by Mobile SEO?

Well, it is not wrong to say that Mobile SEO and SEO go hand in hand. The thing that makes the difference is the site should be optimized as per user’s mobile device too. Any good seo company will be well versed and more than capable in Mobile SEO as well as standard SEO. It generally contains two aspects: dealing with the shortcomings of the mobile and using advantages of the amazing features of the device. Let’s begin with the limitations. These gadgets come in various shapes and sizes, however, have a smaller screen than a PC and less computing power, typing on them is difficult and they connect via mobile operator networks that are not as fast and efficient as the wired internet connection. This implies that websites designed for PC specifically do not perform well on mobile devices, unless they have been made mobile friendly or they are Responsive Websites.


Why you Need Mobile SEO Services?

Because of small screen of the mobile phones, sites ought to be well optimized in order to be rendered by the search engine crawlers as well as for the User Experience. Sites should adhere strictly to website availability rules, as set out by the W3C and other Guidelines.
Google keeps on announcing new Guidelines for mobile optimized websites. Some of the recommendations are to avoid error as follows: Videos that do not play on mobile devices, faulty redirects that let mobile visitors at the wrong page, page 404 error, greeting mobile visitors with an unwanted download-our-up ads.
Mobile Optimized websites are designed to exploit the advantages of mobile, for example, SMS, voice, video, GPS, etc. These features are not available on PC. Due to this reason the mobile optimized website is normally different from PC website, off and on again served on the same URL, sometimes on a dedicated URL, for example, or