Strategies Beneficial to implement on your E-commerce Website

Filtered Navigation

The process gives the customer the ability to navigate through their products and services on your website based on choice. This is helpful for the customers who actually don’t know what they want, but need to do more research before investing their money.

Deep Linking

The process is to link your keywords to your important pages on the website, allowing customers to directly land on the information page on clicking the link. The process has a higher chance of maximizing your conversions.

Generate XML/HTML Sitemaps

This will help search engines to identify pages on your site and increase their chances to get indexed.

Simple URL structure

Make sure that your URL contains the name of your service or product. This will help the search engines to decide which page to index & rank.

Dofollow Link Building

It is quite difficult to acquire high quality link for E-commerce websites. As there is little content and it is updated regularly. So, one should be very creative while choosing link building for E-commerce website. We offer build amazing link building strategies for these websites that will boost their ranking and sales.

Content development

With the quality content e-commerce website has a brilliant chance to overcome their SEO challenges.


Encourage your customers to give feedback and reviews about your products and services. This not only increase traffic to your website, but also drives more customers to make an informed decision about purchasing products on your website.

Keyword Planner

We make extensive use of Keyword Planner/ Wordstream tool in order to plan and find relevant keywords for your business which can generate great returns for your business line.

Brand Keywords

It’s a well know fact that Brand keywords have a great recall power. Making use of these keywords during the On Page Optimization helps getting additional 30 – 50% traffic. Hence its equally important to make use of Smart Strategies.


Double your eCommerce sales with SEO Best Practices

There’re numerous things to do when you’re running your online store, and most of the times you are required to either increase your traffic or conversion rate.

Moreover this traffic can be increased by simply buying paid search traffic from a large number of PPC Channels available like Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Facebook, Twitter, Ad Roll etc, but if you are looking for organic traffic, then you are much more limited. Also, you will need to spend money and time to achieve results which could take months to bring the relevant effect

The privilege National SEO technique is the thing that you have to help your online business. InstaServ helps you in targeting traffic, boost brand awareness and raise online revenues. Not only we analyze your business, but we also do an analysis of the needs of the individuals in your nation to create an immaculate SEO methodology focused around your nation.

On-Page SEO

If you want to increase traffic and sales to your e-commerce website, then on page seo services is an essential foremost step. Almost every individual use search engines like Google when looking for products or services. As search engines are one of the most important mediums to get large traffic and to make your store searchable on the Internet. E-commerce- an online-based business, for which SEO plays a vital role, web hosting service provider like hostiserver can work with SEO to make your business stand out from the crowd. Other than the way that search engines are a regular spot to get new clients, online stores could suffer from search engine algorithm changes. Search engines have crawlers in order to crawl your websites, but they aren’t perfect and if your site is not SEO friendly, it could be kicked out like other websites. Why not hire the best SEO in Los Angeles in order to create an effective SEO strategy.
According to most of the people, the secret to E-commerce SEO is to “create blogs and publish great content”. Well, in fact, content is just a part of the SEO. There are other parts too in SEO that you might be missing. While it may appear that eCommerce, SEO is impossible, we have come up with many advanced SEO strategies that can help your E-commerce website to rank well, build quality backlinks and enhance overall customer experience.