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Can a woman travel all around the world on her own and stay safe? I always had this question in my mind and it did not make me feel at ease until I was able to get some answers that made me throw the feeling of being insecure while traveling solo. I have always had a great passion for traveling in every corner of the world and that too all by myself. I personally feel that you get to learn a lot from the place you’re heading to when you’re not accompanied by anyone. Well, there may be a lot of backpackers out there who may not prefer traveling alone due to not just one reason, but lots of them which prevent them to take a step forward when it comes to making a first move for solo wandering.

I am a woman and it’s been many years now since I have extensively been traveling on my own. Honestly speaking I feel more comfortable in my own skin and I don’t feel the need to have someone besides me for the sake of having a company. I am having a deep weakness for traveling and I found that my real interest lied in exploring the world. I am sure that there would be a lot of women like me whose interest get them going to the destinations all alone.

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I have decided to share some of the top travel safety tips for women so that they don’t have to get nervous or drop their ideas off for exploring a place they have been yearning for long.

1.Research the Destination Properly Before Leaving for Your Trip

A wise traveler whether a man or woman always takes out time to do a thorough research on the destination he or she is heading to. But in your case, being a woman, you have to be careful enough so as to feel safe till the time you would be busy exploring the city. As this would be your first time in Colombo, I am sure there would be some questions in your mind you’re dying to get the answers to. What are the best neighbourhoods in the town and the ones you should be turning your back to? How are you planning to get around the city? What are the risks involved in the water activities?

2.Don’t Lose Your Valuable Items

Make sure that you do not bring along any important and precious items like jewelry, birth certificate and other items which once lost are hard to recover. Have a bag in which you can place all your important items like passport, camera, credit cards, and last but certainly not the least, your smartphone. Ensure that you don’t lose sight of any of the items you are carrying with you. Or,

3.Take What You Need and Leave Everything Else Behind

You do not have to take a walk in the city fully loaded with all your valuable items like cash, credit cards, passport etc. Take what you need and leave everything else locked up in your accommodation. If the hotel or a guest house does not offer the locker facility, it will be better if use a portable safe like a slashproof bag.

4.Don’t Put Your Trust in People Easily

If you are a woman who’s into extensive solo traveling, you would find many types of people. It is strongly advised that you should not trust anyone who approaches you in the first place. Many people have the skills of befriending travelers and robbing them off their valuables even before they know it.

5.Be Prepared for the Worst that Could Happen

You should be prepared for every situation whether good or bad, best or worst. What if your purse packed with cash and credit cards is stolen? What if you fall sick in the middle of your journey and have to go to hospital? It’s always wise to have a backup plan so that you can make the most out of the situation in case anything goes wrong or not as per your preferences. Do keep the front and back copies of your credit cards and and a copy of your passport if you happen to lose your travel document. Keep a back up credit card in a hidden spot and some cash as well that may prove to be beneficial to you in case any unwanted situation arises.