Project Description

Where shall I begin from? Delhi is one such destination that has long been capturing the fancy of those travelers from all corners of the world always expressing their willingness to travel back in time. To tell you the truth, I am the one who never backs off when I feel that the time is right to take to the air to a destination whose historical background cannot be expressed in mere words. And Delhi is the one that fits every description ever talked about.

Even though I was not born in Delhi (Born and bred in London), I have been fortunate enough to capture the incredible sights and sounds of Delhi that have always fascinated me deep inside. And I can utter that this proud Londoner has been making his way to the city that has enormously withstood tests of time.

My grandfather, who served as an officer in the East India Company until 1940, used to share all those great ancient times the city had faced under the reign of several powerful emperors with me. They rose the way they wanted to and when it came to taste the flavour of defeat by their enemies, they gladly chose to lay their lives down rather than bearing excruciating humiliation upon their souls.

In the beginning of every year, I compare flight tickets to Delhi so I can bag the one that hopefully would not burn a hole in my pocket, and I express my gratitude to the Almighty that it has never had until now. Delhi stands testimony to the fact that for more than eight centuries it has seen enough bloodbath that was a result of all those battles that were fought to capture the entire city, but in vain for some emperors. Prior to the Great Mughals, there were Khiljis, Tughlaqs and Lodhis, and all of them had cruel intentions to seize the throne by hook or by crook. The infamous Koh-i-noor diamond really became the bone of contention which did to let any emperor sit with peace of mind, although it was not discovered in Delhi.

If I were to choose among the top cities I’d like to visit once I grow old, Delhi would be on my lips till I breathe my last. This is because I shared a very close relation with my grandfather and he was truly fortunate to have witnessed Delhi during those times when most of English soldiers kept patrolling its streets throughout the day for any suspicious activities which were brought to action by the great revolutionaries of India.

Well, old Delhi is the part that has always had all my attention due to the fact it’s home to some of the magnificent historical forts and monuments. The Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Tughlaqabad Fort, Balban’s Tomb and Humayun’s Tomb are some of the must visit spots for every history lover who can’t help but traveling back in those glorious times for Delhi’s glory it has always been proud of, and will be till the end of time.