Project Description

What can I say? Where shall I begin from? I have always believed in traveling solo until now right from the day when I first took a flight to one of the hottest destinations I had in mind. Although I wanted to become a fashion photographer as that was my area of interest I expressed my desire and thoughtfulness, so after having worked as a freelancer for a few years, I could not realize how my attention was diverted or taken away by a friend of mine who would possibly do everything she could to be known as a great wanderer. So, one fine evening when it was raining dogs and cats, I was enjoying cuppa with her at her apartment. While having a conversation with her, she seemed to be over excited about the tours she’d been taking for long.

I could not figure out yet how I got carried away with her talks (seemed sensible to me) on a few destinations she had been to all around the world. That was for the very first time she brought the word “Goa” on her lips, and she told me how eager she was to explore Goa – Queen of Beaches, or Tourist’s Paradise.

I was single ready to mingle! And I’d definitely agree that some things in life occur when they are least or not expected at all. And that’s what happened with me. I decided to quit earning my livelihood as a fashion photographer working on some of the lucrative freelancing projects only to become a traveler. I never realised ever that I could ever become a wanderer traveling solo in almost every corner of the world. Goa was in my mind for long, but I just could not take out time for it. So, without any further ado, I inquired about cheapest flight tickets to Goa and didn’t let time pass me by at all, as there was a huge rush for booking flights to this wonderful destination. I did not want to lose it. Not at all!

I reached Goa feeling fresh and I was all alone. I have been traveling solo for many years now and during these years I never felt a need for someone to accompany me. Maybe I was born to explore solo. Sounds interesting, at least to me though! I had so much in mind to do and see – beaches, churches, temples, waterfalls etc.

How could I have forgotten sun, sand, and surf?

(Goa – The Tiny State of India) was all over me as I was over her. The beaches were simply stunning and most of them took my breath away. Since I had been on my own, I never knew that I would bump into a woman who seemed French, and to my utter surprise, she was the one. I found every reason to call her the lady of my dreams. Felt like dedicating a song to her “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you”.
I took my own time getting to know her and soon I realised that we were meant to become one. Even though things were moving too fast between us,I never believed in wasting time. Before I could pop the question to her, she did it. Sounds quite unbelievable, doesn’t it?

I accepted it with all heart and the very next day we got tied in a holy matrimony. Never realised that the destination I had chosen for enjoying my holiday would become my honeymoon destination. Other than to getting to know her better, I would consider it more of a ritual, or a custom. I explored the lovely beaches, visited the stunning Portuguese churches, shook a leg or two all night long at some of the best nightclubs and what not.

In the end, we took an oath in one voice to live happily ever after. Amen!