Project Description

I always wanted to explore the beautiful city of Colombo, but there were some prior commitments at the professional front. And due to these commitments, I had to cause a delay every time I made up mind to fly to one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. So, it was not just working out for me because all I had in mind was Colombo.

Why only Colombo?

I knew I had it coming. Well, I would definitely have to agree with you all that Colombo’s not the only destination in the world worth one’s time and visit, but they, in fact, lie in abundance scattered all around the world. But I always held a deep fascination for Sri Lanka’s capital city I have heard about on channels and read in travel magazines. So, I thought to put a stop working for the company I had been loyal with around five years. I always did what I wanted to, you know, for achieving that ultimate satisfaction.

And my real satisfaction lied in wandering all around the world making my way to all those spots that had been hidden from me until a few years ago. If I look back in time, there were some of the mind-blowing places I chose to let them conquer my memories for good, or as long as I shall live, but Colombo was the one I thought to share with my grandchildren for I had visited this enigmatic city a couple of times in the past, but my first experience was truly a special and a remarkable one. I remember the day when I desperately trying to find cheap flights to Colombo. I was about to lose it, and I would have lost it had I not contacted at the right time.

I booked the flight that did not seem to bother my budget much, as I had other things in mind while holidaying in the blissful world I had been looking forward to escape to.

I was delighted to have touched down at the airport finally and I thought when it would be time for me to say goodbye to the city, I’d definitely lose my heart all over again.I was so filled with excitement that while touring around some of the hot spots in the city, a stranger (seemed to be a local) bumped into me and asked, “Hey, how do you feel to be in Colombo?” Would you believe me that I was absolutely speechless. Could not utter even a single word as if cat got my tongue. Seriously! Maybe I was lost in some other world filled with stunning beaches, attention-grabbing scenery, and mouthwatering cuisines. But that’s not all! There was a lot heading towards me trying to impose their irresistible charm upon me, which I had to surrender to, as you know it.

I made sure that no attraction shall be able to escape or hide from me for I was dying to feel them. Its attractions were simply beyond words. I took a leisurely walk on Galle Face Green, went on a shopping spree in Pettah, admired the finest antique collection at the National Museum, got myself introduced to some animals at Delhiwala Zoo, and so on and so forth. I really had a great time in this out of the ordinary Asian town that was spinning around in front of my eyes a few years ago.

I got what I expected from this city, but I felt a bit heartbroken as I had to say goodbye to mesmerizing Colombo.