PPC or Pay Per Click is a prototype of internet marketing in which an advertiser pays fee to Ads platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more to display their ads. Once the customer clicks on the ads of an advertisers a fee is charged in exchange of the clicks. It is a way of buying visitors to your website than getting them organically. Also known as the shortcut to let your brand known to consumers since organic rankings and visibility takes years to build whereas PPC is the game of money.

is ppc for you?

Many of us do not have clarity on the fact whether PPC is something that is the right path for our website and internet marketing. Since there are so many promises and options on the globe, most of the time website owners fail to understand if PPC is the path that they should trod.

This is where we come to rescue. We have team of highly experienced marketeers who have been doing this for a very long time to tell whether it is made for your business or not. But first we would explain who should really go for PPC.


According to research the searchers click on paid ads more than any form of internet marketing.Usually we use search engines to look what we want to buy& hence users don’t mind being shown the ads and clicking on them if it is relevant to what they are searching for.



Advertisers these days have so many means of putting their product or service in front of the audience. People usually search for what they need to buy and that is how an advertiser can evaluate the needs of the potential buyer & measure the quality of traffic.



PPC enables search engines to serve both advertiser and the user base. Search engines have their user base and also have information of revenue system of the advertisers. In this way the search engine can help these two means to connect and create high revenue.



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