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    How InstaServ paved the way for 2 Entrepreneurs to Become Owners of a Million-Dollar Enterprise?

    Success comes to those who take risks and are committed to their ideas. Probably, this was the motto of two entrepreneurs, Matthew Gedz’s and Chingiz Aghayev, owners of Lit Mobile.

    Lit Mobile is now a million-dollar plus enterprise in revenue terms, and a huge amount of credit for it goes to effective digital marketing initiatives undertaken by InstaServ being led by Rahul Takkar, a leading Digital Marketing Agency.  

    As the data states, Lit Mobile achieved total sales of 1 million dollars over the span of just 6 months, making use of mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Product Listing Ads, Snapchat Ads, and Google Ads (also known previously as Google Adwords).

    Chingiz Aghayev and Matthew Gedz

    Chingiz Aghayev (left) and Matthew Gedz (photos courtesy of Lit Mobile)

    Transforming the Idea into Reality!

    It all started when an idea to develop a better alternative to iPhone cases, that doubled as phone chargers, struck to Matthew Gedz. To advance his idea, he took it to Chingiz Aghayev, his neighbor in Chicago apartment building.

    Aghayev showed his conviction in Matt’s idea and his vast experience in the field of e-commerce helped him mapping out the business plan instantly. Somehow, Aghayev was assured that Matt’s idea would do wonders for an online business, as he affirmed it with confidence.

    Owing to his prior e-commerce ventures, Aghayev had access to a broad network of manufacturers, designers, and engineers, which turned out to be a great support.

    Matt and Aghayev conducted a comprehensive research about their competitors, their product offerings, and their customer’s responses, to carve out an outline of features that they would offer in their product to make it better.

    As a consequence, they came up with a solar-powered iPhone case charger that will have enough power to charge your phone twice over in as little as an hour. According to Aghayev and Gedz, the combination of speed and power that their product offered was unlike anything currently available in the market.

    Based on these robust features and uniqueness of their product, they saw an immense opportunity. Aghayev then passed the draft of their product to his network of designers and engineers to get the blueprints of how their product should look and function.

    After choosing the sample that they liked the most, they took it to China, where they interviewed manufacturers. As every manufacturer came up to them with a mold of their product, Gedz and Aghayev picked the best mold out of all and signed the contract with its manufacturer.

    The manufacturer gave them the rights to the mold. They received their first shipment of solar-powered iPhone case chargers from China by the may of 2018.

    So, that is how their quest to convert their idea into reality started. However, it was not as smooth as it seems to be, as they had to face several challenges. Let’s dive into how digital marketing helped Lit Mobile in achieving the state that it relishes today.

    Overcoming the Biggest Hitch with Digital Marketing

    Even though their product was ready, there was still much to do. They launched a Shopify website and started selling the Wireless Lit Solar Powerbank for $80 a pop.

    Aghayev holds that marketing is the key to any eCommerce business. However, they had a slow start as Lit Mobile only moved 4,000 units while cycling through four different marketing agencies. Aghayev stated that they could not get any traction in the market. 

    Furthermore, they also needed financial support for which they shook their hands with a financial partner that offered a go-to financial resource. But they still needed a firm marketing pitch to lead towards the path of success.

    In November 2018, they partnered with InstaServ, a digital marketing agency, with the hope to get a productive outcome. And within the span of just six months, the magic happened that completely steered the company towards productivity. 

    Rahul Takkar, Digital Marketing Head of InstaServ, recalled that based on their in-depth analysis, they deduced the major marketing hitch that the company was facing. 

    He further added that to overcome the hitch, they implemented an eloquent marketing strategy that boosted the sales of the company to staggering figures and eventually made the Lit Mobile a million-dollar enterprise. 

    InstaServ utilized various digital platforms and techniques, such as social media marketing, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat; and Google Ads, including Shopping Ads and Product Listing Ads (PLA). All these digital marketing efforts contributed to the immense and expeditious growth of the company.

    Beginning of a Success Saga

    The results that Aghayev and Gedz received were overwhelming as the business shot up and made millions. Here began the success saga of the Lit Mobile that continues to propel further making use of advanced level digital marketing techniques. 

    The company sold 40,000 units in the past six months. Moreover, Lit Mobile seems to continue its tale of victory with amazing prospects. Aghayev believes that Lit Mobile will be a $50 million company by the end of 2020.

    Rahul Takkar

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