facebook dynamic ads

Most of the Shopify store owners like to run Dynamic Product Ads making use of Facebook and Instagram Ads.

It has been proved that these Dynamic Product Ads are the most profitable ads having the highest ROAS (Return on Ad spent).

However, to run such dynamic ads, there is a need for Product Data Feed which should be quick to load, should capture all variables and should be accessible by Facebook and Instagram interface.

Product Data Feed can be either created manually or automatically, however it is seen Manual feed creation comes with its own set of challenges like managing Schema, data formatting and updating data, product’s price and their updation.

So, now the biggest question is how can we create an Automatic Data Feed for running Dynamic ads?


The above-stated problem can be easily solved by installing Feedofy – Product Data Feed solution for Shopify store owners.

This app has been developed keeping in mind the Shopify store owners and the creation of Automatic Product Data Feed.

As a Shopify owner, you just need to install this App on your Store, follow the steps as mentioned (it would not take more than 2 minutes to have your feed), and yes, your Data Product Feed is now ready!


Feedofy is the one-stop solution to solve one of the biggest challenges for Shopify Store Owners, that is, to have a Product Data Feed which refreshes automatically and would be used for creating Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook and Instagram.