AdWords has intent whereas Facebook has custom audience. These are the people who have already visited your website, purchased your products, viewed your products/services or Subscribed to your Newsletter. You can target or segment each specifically according to their interests, personalities, fears or Motivation.

Facebook’s custom audience gives one of the most powerful targeting options for any advertising medium. You can target people who are acquainted with the Brand, that can be your past leads or paid you big bucks in the past.

Problem is when you are just starting out you do not have access to all these people. You do not have their Website visits, lead Email id’s or Customer ID’s to put your Facebook targeting on Autopilot. Instead when you are creating a new business you have to start everything from the scratch.

You need to target large ‘top of the funnel’ audience who are big enough to give you your potential customers and specific enough to rule out the users who will not be interested in your product.

It is delicate balancing task. But, by the use of demographics and psychographics can give you idea which customer to target.