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    Facebook Ads
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    10 Oct, 2018


    Project Brief:

    Mortgage consultancy is one of the leading mortgage brokers and home loan companies in Singapore, offering the best assistance when you want to purchase a new property or need home loans. The consultancy efficiently handles the complexities of the mortgage loan process, ensuring you get the home loan at lesser interest rates in a shorter duration. With a team of dedicated strategists and mortgage brokers, the platform even provides you with the best advice which is unbiased.

    Being a credible mortgage consultancy, our mortgage specialists perform research and scrutinizing on every loan packages offered by various financial institutions and will tell you every pro and con of it without consuming much time.

    Step 01


    In this technology-driven world, one of the biggest keys to a successful business is customers should be aware of your business on different digital mediums. However, some businesses struggle to achieve this and Mortgage Consultancy was not the same. They were doing every possible thing to engage potential customers and generate more leads but failed to achieve what they wanted. They were getting leads through Facebook ads, but not fruitful, hence resulted in poor lead conversion rate. And this is how we came in the scenario.

    Step 02


    There is no arguing with the fact that every business owner runs after increased sales and potential customers. Talking about the challenges for us, Mortgage Consultancy wasn’t getting quality leads, it was our responsibility to meet its objectives, generate high quality leads with better conversion rate, increase customers reach, impression, etc. This project was a real challenge for us as we have to generate leads from the specific audience which was looking for home loan or wanted to improve their current home loan interest rate.

    Step 03


    Mortgage Consultancy’s main objective is to generate more leads through Facebook so more and more customers can visit them to get home loans at lesser interest rates. The real power of Facebook Ads comes from combining several targeting points such as keywords, appealing and actionable content, location, demographics, interests, and lookalike audience. At InstaServ, our Facebook Ads experts started targeting all the points intended towards the specific audience that helped Mortgage Consultancy to achieve an increase in leads, engagement, CPC and ROI.

    Want to generate more leads? We are here to help. At InstaServ, our Facebook Ads experts work by targeting industry-related keywords that your consumers respond to and then match them with your marketing campaign, ensuring increased leads and customers reach.


    How InstaServ Helped Mortgage Consultancy in Generating Quality Leads?

    InstaServ’s advanced techniques for Mortgage Consultancy resulted in: Mortgage Consultancy is now growing on a broad level and getting high quality leads with a good conversion rate. 1. Improved Quality of Leads 2. Improved Leads Conversion Rate 3. Increased Customer Reach 4. Improved Impression 5. Improved Link Clicks Mortgage Consultancy is now growing on a broad level and getting high quality leads with a good conversion rate.