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    25 Jul, 2018

    Leads Results

    Project Brief:

    Based in Adelaide Australia, Institute of Technology Australia (ITA) is a multinational information and technology service provider, offering education to students in a specialized field of IT in website development. Over the past four years, the institute has attracted students from the regions of southeast Asia and Australia.

    The main objective of ITA is to develop technical skills and knowledge of students in web designing while providing training for future employment. To get started, students need to attend orientation, helping them to know about study program, campus facilities and services offered.

    Step 01


    Whether you are a school or institute, you always want more and more students to get in touch with you through different digital mediums.

    Right from the start, ITA is getting students attention to roll for a specialized course. But, like every other business, they want to spread their footprints digitally. Due to insufficient digital reach, some students weren’t aware of the admission process while some didn’t know about the center providing educational assistance.

    Step 02


    When it comes to digital challenges, we’ve never backed down from any of them. However, at this point in time, we had to think upon a bunch of things like how to generate leads for the institute, increase clicks on links, reach to the right audience, improve website impression, and much more.

    Step 03


    ITA’s main objective is to generate leads so more and more students can avail admissions to specialized courses. At InstaServ, our experienced Facebook Ads professionals started targeting high-value institute-related keywords, allowing students to find what they want. Secondly, we even wrote appealing Ads headlines that did attract students and encouraged them to become a lead. After doing so, we did use ‘call-to-action’ like ‘Call Now!’, ‘Sign Up Now’, ‘Visit Us Today’, etc.

    In addition, we even worked on relevance score and on audience who is engaging with our ads but not taking desirable action and ran remarketing for them.


    InstaServ's advanced Facebook Ads optimization techniques for ITA resulted in:

    InstaServ’s effective AdWords optimization techniques for The Coldest Water resulted in:

    1. Improved CPC(cost per click) & CPL(cost per lead)
    2. Increased leads (116.67%)
    3. Improved impression (380.11%)
    4. Clicks on links (498.47%)
    5. Increased customers reach 153.34%
    6. Decreased cost per lead.

    Want to generate more leads? We are here to help. At InstaServ, our experienced Facebook Ads experts work by targeting industry-related keywords that your consumers respond to and then match them with your marketing campaign, ensuring increased leads and number of clicks.


    Leads Results