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  • A Leading eCommerce brand for straps for wrists


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    Google Ads

    Date :

    10 Aug, 2018


    Project Brief:

    A Leading eCommerce brand for straps for wrists is a New Zealand based online store of straps for wrists. The portal provides a comprehensive range of smart-watch accessories and straps of variety of leading brands including Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Fitbit, TomTom, Polar, Gramin and many more.

    A Leading eCommerce brand for straps for wrists also offers a wide range of wrist watches for both men and women. It allows its customers to select your watch type from the menu or pictures are shown on the website to get the best-suited product.

    Moreover, this online store has a strong set of refund policy according to which all its purchases come with a 100% money back guarantee in case the customer is not happy with the product. So, it focuses on customer satisfaction which is its utmost priority.

    Step 01


    Just like every internet marketer, they also employed some digital marketing tactics like Google Ad words with the vision to increase its reach and draw more potential customers to its website. They focused on their goal and moved ahead with an optimistic approach.

    However, they encountered a problem of leveraging effective ways to increase their ROS (Return on Spent). So, their major cause of concern was to improve their ROS for which they needed the assistance of professionals.

    Step 02


    To address the problem, they came to us with hopes to get a desirable outcome. We, at InstaServ, are driven to provide the well-strategic solutions to our clients to satisfy their needs and bring about the positive result. As they showed their trust in us, it was our responsibility not to disappoint them and help them to reach their goals.

    We analyzed the performance of their ad campaign in Google search engine and came across our goal which was to improve their ROS. ROS (Return on investment) plays a major role in determining the profit of Ad words campaign.

    Though their problem was only to improve their ROS it was quite a challenging task to do. We had to create a powerful strategy to deal with this problem. There were many aspects of the campaign like keywords, ad copies, targeted audience, etc, which needed our attention in order to provide what our client wanted.

    Step 03


    As being said earlier, we needed a proper strategy for which we had to start from scratch. So we monitored and evaluated every aspect of the campaign and initiated with optimizing the targeted audience based on their interests and demographics like age, sex, location, etc. Our aim was to get more conversions for which we needed to attract more potential customers.

    Relevancy of the keywords is a very significant part of the ad campaign. Irrelevant keywords can even lead to the failure of your overall campaign by reducing conversion rates and increasing the bounce rate. To drive potential customers, it is important to increase the relevancy of keywords in ads. So, we targeted relevant keywords and incorporated them into the content (title and description) of the ad copies to improve the keyword quality score.

    Then we optimized the ad copies and the landing page of the campaign. Last but not least, we used negative keywords. Though not many marketers realize the power of negative keywords it can help in lowering the CPC (Cost Per Click) by avoiding the irrelevant search queries.

    So, these were the main areas where we laid our focus to achieve what our client, A Leading eCommerce brand for straps for wrists, wished for!



    The result of our efforts and strategic approach was absolutely gratifying. Our smart work paid off and we succeeded in providing our client with remarkable growth in the ROS and that too within a short span of time.

    The conversion value per cost or the ROS of the total account increased by 120.02%. The revenue also increased by 891.88% and transactions improved by 983.72%. The growth in these numbers made us take a sigh of relief as we did stand in our client’s expectations.