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  • A Leading eCommerce brand for household items


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    05 Jan, 2019


    Project Brief:

    A Leading eCommerce brand for household items is an one-stop e-commerce shop that offers a range of household items, including lighting fixtures, lunch boxes, bathroom, and kitchen accessories in Egypt and the Middle East. All the products are made of top-quality material and offered at competitive prices, making them both durable and affordable. The online platform clearly understands the aspect of quality; all the accessories are of international brands, such as Marinix, Lock & Lock, Amsa, Queen Anne, Guardini, Berkale, Jimmy, Felida, Home and others.

    Being an authorized distributor for these international brands, the portal ensures you get a seamless customer experience. With an aim of providing an exceptional shopping experience, the portal delivers product to the customer’s door upon request. The portal strives to make lives easier by supplying high-grade products.

    Step 01


    There is no arguing with the fact that Facebook is one of the ideal channels of growth for small and medium enterprises as it incurs minimum costs and drives effective results.

    Being established in 2018, A Leading eCommerce brand for household items was facing tremendous problem in reaching more people digitally. Because it was a new business, it required traffic to make its presence in the market. But due to improper knowledge of internet marketing, it was losing out on lots of potential customers every day. And as a result, the company wasn’t able to create its brand awareness in this technologically-driven world.

    Step 02


    Talking about the challenges for us, there are many such as how to increase sales, identify potential customers, and create brand awareness, which isn’t a cakewalk especially for a website i.e. not even a year old.

    Step 03


    A Leading eCommerce brand for household items main objective is to promote its business online to increase the sales. At InstaServ, our experienced Social Media Marketing (SMM) professionals created highly targeted audience based on behaviour & interest. We have created multiple Facebook ad campaigns, targeting a particular product for Newsfeed, right column, mobile, and desktop, etc. Remarketing and DPA Ads were run in order to convert engage audience into potential customers. Value Based Lookalike Audience were also created in order to increase the final ROI. In addition, we even bifurcated the ad groups as per gender, age and location that helps optimize campaigns by showing ads to users who are most likely to convert.



    InstaServ’s advanced FB optimization techniques for A Leading eCommerce brand for household items resulted in:

    1. Increased sales up to 5X (from $2,046.16 to $11,455.05)
    2. Improved E-commerce conversion rate (from 0.8 to 2.3).
    3. Increased revenue.
    4. Created multiple Facebook campaign.
    5. Increased customers reach (up to 655.49%).

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