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  • A Leading eCommerce brand for DIY iPhone repair


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    Google Ads

    Date :
    10 Feb, 2019

    Project Brief:

    A Leading eCommerce brand for DIY iPhone repair is a well-reputed Australia-based company which strives to make iPhone repair process easy and accessible to every iPhone owner with some robust DIY solutions. It offers an extensive range of repair or replacement products of iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus.

    The products it provides include Easyfix kit which comprises Screen repair kit and Battery repair kit; replacement parts; and repair tools like Anti-Static Brush, Tweezers, Screwdriver, plastic pry tool, and screen holder. Besides, A Leading eCommerce brand for DIY iPhone repair also provides solutions for protection like tempered glasses.

    Thus, by providing you expedient easy iPhone repair solutions, it lets its customers be a repair hero on their own, saving their cost and time from alternative solutions like reaching out to professionals. 

    With the team of expert technicians and tested and refined products, A Leading eCommerce brand for DIY iPhone repair aims to provide expedient and cost-effective iPhone repair solutions to its customers.

    Step 01


    A Leading eCommerce brand for DIY iPhone repair leveraged Digital Marketing techniques like Google Ads to expand its reach and increase sales. Their motive was to increase the traffic and conversion rates to bring about productive results.

    However, even after their constant efforts, they faced some prominent problems in their ad campaign.

    Their biggest concern was high CPA (Cost per acquisition) which stunted their productivity in the online domain. Other problem that they confronted, which acted as a hurdle on their way to achieve their goal, was to improve ad copies.

    Moreover, just like all other companies who run their digital ads, Tech XS also wished for their ad to be on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to outdo its competitors and gain maximum potential customers. But, evidently, their strategies were not sufficient to help them to live up to their expectations and as a consequence, their ad was not showing on the top.

    Step 02


    The aforementioned were their major concerns which they needed to adjudicate to make their ad campaign a success. Their main goal was to attain more customers and to make profitable sales.

    To make this possible, they came to us, InstaServ, to help them in resolving their problems and accomplishing their goals. As per our services, we extended our hands, as it was our responsibility to help them to meet their demands.

    As we analyzed all the aspects of the campaign, we concluded that our major challenge was to create and execute effective strategies to address the problem of high CPA which was also the constant reason of worry for our client, Tech XS.

    Step 03


    Now we came to the part where we had to build a strong strategy for the estimated problems that our clients were facing. At InstaServ, our expert ad words professionals initiated the process step by step. We carved well-framed strategy and started off with a detailed study of the website, ad campaigns, targeted keywords, traffic sources and looked for the scale-up opportunities.  

    Then we targeted relevant keywords and included them in the title and description of the ad copies. In Google Ad words, relevancy is one of the major factors which affect the success of an ad campaign. To increase the relevancy among search term, ad copies and landing page was very important for us to succeed in our mission of reducing CPA.

    Also, we built a campaign structure around the branded search terms. Apart from this, we monitored and optimized the URL and ad copies.

    Furthermore, negative keywords can induce impact on cost per conversion. Thus, we also targeted negative keywords.

    So, we implemented all these Ads optimization techniques to reduce the campaign cost and improve the conversion rate in order to maximize the profit.



    After undertaking all the above-stated actions, we did succeed in our mission and earned profitable result which helped our client, Tech XS, to achieve their goals in a short span of time.

    With our persistent efforts and strategic approach, we were able to improve the Cost per acquisition by 37.87%. The conversion rate also improved by 92.17%. And also we saw 1,100.64% increase in the revenue.

    All these improved numbers were a testimonial of our success. We reached our goal of providing high-value digital services to our client to satisfy their needs.