Find New Facebook Ad Audiences Without Custom Audiences

AdWords has intent whereas Facebook has custom audience. These are the people who have already visited your website, purchased your products, viewed your products/services or Subscribed to your Newsletter. You can target or segment each specifically according to their interests, personalities, fears or Motivation.

Facebook’s custom audience gives one of the most powerful targeting options for […]

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Audience Network: Expanded Beyond Facebook

Facebook Advertisers can reach upto 1.65 billion Facebook Users(this is how big Facebook family is) in order to promote their business and brands. Businesses are also using the ever-growing Instagram platform. Quicker growth on this platform can be achieved by using the services of upleap account managers. The number of users on both platforms has […]

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Slideshow Ad Update

Facebook recently updated it’s slideshow Ads. Now brands and businesses will be able to add text and include music in the slideshow ads. Right now there are some predefined theme songs but Facebook has promised to soon allow brands to add their own pictures.

There are also some new cool features. You can now add upto […]

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Facebook Introduces New Video Engagement Metrics

In page insights and video library to better understand Facebook videos’ audience and engagement Facebook introduced new video metrics.

According to the announcement “The new metrics help publishers to better understand who’s watching their videos, how audiences are engaging with Live video, and how sharing contributes to video distribution. These updates give publishers actionable data to […]

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Block Categories and URLs on the Audience Network

Now by following two different approaches you can block your Ads from running on specific categories of apps and mobile sites on certain apps or websites. Following are the two different options:

Enable Category Blocking

By enabling category blocking you can choose to block categories that are irrelevant to your ads. You can also block sensitive […]

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Improved Facebook Offers

Facebook offers is specifically designed for advertisers to share their discounts and promotions. Businesses can create two type of offers – online or In-store. They can share these offers in two ways – In an offers advert or page post.

With the recent update, Facebook made mobile offers more handy for their users. For the users […]

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Buy and Sell Items by using Facebook Marketplace

On October 3, Facebook announced the launch of Marketplace, a platform for users to buy and sell items directly through Facebook’s mobile app. According to Facebook, about 450 million of 1.7 billion users, visit buy-and-sell groups every month. So it only made sense to offer them a better shopping experience.

How it Works?

To visit the Marketplace […]

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Top Facebook Updates – November 2016 Edition

Now Brands Can Promote their Chatbots with Facebook Ads

As per the new update Facebook is further integrating chatbots into the platform.

Brands can now buy News Feed Ads that directly links to one-to-one conversations in messenger, making conversations easier. Advertisers for the first time can target their users before bringing them to one-on-one conversation that has […]

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Facebook Lookalikes go worldwide with new update

With new update of Facebook you will now be able to target people that look similar to lists of customers/leads globally.

Since the release of Facebook Lookalike Audience 3 years ago, it has been a standard to for matching like minded people. Now a new release from Facebook is bringing powerful matching worldwide- International Lookalike Audience.

This […]

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Google Expanded Text Ads: 10 Things You Need To Know

Are you excited after the launch of Expanded Text Ads that are coming to Google AdWords.? But more importantly, are you ready?

One of several huge changes announced by Goggle on Tuesday were Expanded Text Ads – if not the biggest. Google will soon actually increase its ad text limits by 2x!

So what exactly is changing? […]

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