Facebook Advertisers can reach upto 1.65 billion Facebook Users(this is how big Facebook family is) in order to promote their business and brands. Businesses are also using the ever-growing Instagram platform. Quicker growth on this platform can be achieved by using the services of upleap account managers. The number of users on both platforms has skyrocketed in no time.


Facebook increased their audience reach by expanding to other third party apps and sites. Anyone who has ever visited facebook not necessarily a registered member of facebook will be exposed to the Ads of their interest.

Alvin Bowles, Head of Global Publisher Sales and Operations at Facebook stated “In Q4 2015 we reached a $1B annual run rate for advertising spend through the Audience Network. With Audience Network, we will continue to introduce new ways for publishers to take advantage of everything that makes Facebook ads valuable to our partners: high-quality demand, people-based marketing, measurement and our ads delivery engine.”

This is helping immensely to reach broader group of interested audience. This change is very significant for Facebook advertisers since it allows them to target bigger group of people and give them scope to reach beyond Facebook.